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Lines & Waves marble

Lines & Waves marble tables are the result of an exploration of pattern and stack-ability. Machine-milled grooves cut into the top and bottom surfaces of single marble blocks result in a pattern that is both decorative and functional.


The PS rail system was inspired by the kamoi - a wooden rail that runs around the perimeter of the rooms in traditional Japanese houses. Its main function is to hold the sliding doors and walls, but it also provides a ledge where small objects can be stored and clothes hung.

Half box

A simple wooden box is one of the most basic and yet most functional storage solutions. By eliminating three of the six sides that create it, while maintaining all eight of its edge corners we reduce the amount of material by half but still retain all its stacking and most of its containing abilities.

Offset shelf

Offset shelving system takes on a similar approach to the table by breaking down the traditional shelf into its basic elements. This has allowed us to reduce the system to a single unit that can be combined in multiple ways for an almost infinite number of configurations.

Val do Barco

Val do Barco is the fruit of the first collaboration between Tomas Alonso and Sirvent Editions, a small store/editor from Vigo, in the north west of Spain. Val do Barco is a series of tables born from a common interest in the autochthonous raw materials as well as the techniques for their manipulation.

T tables

The T tables, originally designed for Designeast02 in 2011, are now available as small edition of 5 models made in different combinations of plywood and laminated plywood.

Pierre et l’Amandier

The idea for exhibition “Pierre and the Almond tree” was born while sipping on a glass of pastis, in the shaded courtyard of an old house in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the South of France.

Camper store Istanbul

A new collaboration with Camper for a new store in Istanbul, Turkey. This is the first of their collaborations located on a shopping centre and while it maintains a similar language to their other projects it allowed for a more predominant use of ceramic tiles.

MA series

MA is a collection of stool, bench and table/bar for informal seating and socialising.
Produced by Ishinomaki Laboratory, a small Japanese company born after the tsunami to help with the regeneration of the area, their furniture is built by a sushi chef with a table saw, hand drill and a couple of other basic tools using only local red cedar.


KYANVASU is a simple stool made from three planks of red cedar and a piece of locally sourced canvas.
Also produced by Ishinomaki Laboratory in Japan using local red cedar and local heavy duty canvas.


Born in response to a brief to design a bar set for drinking vodka made from copper and glass, the project focuses on using the properties of copper as a conductive material to cool the vodka to the perfect drinking temperature without watering it down.

Camper Shop, Santander

Camper has opened its first store in Santander. Located in Calle Juan Herrera, in one of the city’s most commercial areas, this store is new collaboration with Tomás Alonso.

The concept room for Domotex 2013 focuses on putting emphasis on the hyper-realistic look and feel of the Classen’s collection of laminate floor boards.
Camper Shop, Thessaloniki
Camper has recently opened a new store in Thessaloniki , Greece. It is located in Tsimiski Street, one of the busiest streets in Thessaloniki’s city centre.
Metals is a series of objects made from pieces of copper and mild steel that could have been found in the sea shore.
Vera Chapter Two
Commissioned to work on the scenography of Vera Chapter Two.
Offset Table System
Offset, a collection of tables and accessories for the home, home office and contract environments designed by Tomás Alonso for Maxdesign. Customisable, innovative and flexible, Offset responds to the new spatial needs born from contemporary working habits in which the line between home and office is ever more blurred.
A Frame Tables
A series of tables and side tables in different sizes and diameters that rely on a very simple trestle type set of legs which can be folded completely flat when not in use, for easy transportation and storage.
Wall hook & Chopping board made out of solid ash.
A series of desk trays for PRAXIS, combining rubber in different colours with ash. Based on Euclid's theories of the relationship between the square and circle, the complementary sizes allow them to stack or sit individually on any desk.
Asked to envisage life on some other planet other than Earth; A collection Tools are objects we considered relevent to take with us on our journey. Commisioned by IN Residence for Another Terra Exhibition, Milan 2012.
Lines & Waves
A solo exhibition presenting Tomás Alonso's most recent works at Victor Hunt Design-art Dealer.
DesignEast Jp
Designeast02 is a three day long workshop taking place in Osaka, Japan, in which visitors can purchase paper plans and materials to make the pieces donated by the designers.
Tea Set
A project commissioned for Passionwege as part of Vienna Design Week 2011.
Side table for an apple (#2)
A new version of the 'Side table for an apple', using a standard aluminium extrusion with a solid ash table top. Self-produced prototypes available in a variety of anodised colours.
Bar Alto Tumbler
If you ask a child to draw a drinking glass, any drinking glass they can think of, chances are that they would draw something like this Duralex tumbler.
Aintree for Vera
Commissioned for the exhibition Vera Chapter One, this collection of objects using leather straps as support and structural elements; using the language and techniques of horse saddlery as a starting point, in response to photo #20 of the series.
The inspiration for this set came from looking at the rituals around making a fresh homemade lemonade and the elements you need to make it; the chopping board, the squeezer, the jug and the cups.
Mushiki, Arco/OKAY workshop
An auxiliary piece of furniture that is part storage box and part side table. Loosely inspired by some of the haberdashery and storage boxes Arco was producing in its early days, this piece aims to propose a new typology of object within Arco's collection and its existing production methods.
Camper Shop, Glasgow
The third collaboration between Camper and Tomás Alonso takes shape into a new shop in the city of Glasgow.
Licor Cafe
This set is designed with care by Tomás Alonso to contain and enjoy this very special beverage that his dad has been making for many years.
Real Objects for Lived Lives
Tomas was invited to give a lecture whilst presenting his work at the BOX, the exhibition space of Lynfabrikken, Århus, Denmark;
Camper Shop, London
Camper opens a new shop in the city of London, the brand’s fifth in this city and the second collaboration with Tomás Alonso for their Camper Together series.
Variations on a tube
NextLevel Galerie Paris is pleased to present the Spanish designer Tomás Alonso’s solo show, entitled Variations on a tube, from october 22th to December 24th, 2009.
A-side tables
A series of side tables in different diameters and heights that rely on a very simple trestle type set of legs that can be folded completely flat when not in use and for easy of transport.
Camper Shop, Genova
Camper opens its first store in the city of Genova. The venue, located on the popular Via de S. Vincenzo, is part of the Together concept.
Bottle Light
A side light in ceramic that can be used either on its own or on a stand, a simple wood post to which the light clings on to by applying a basic cantilevering system.
Side table for an apple
A small side table based on a very basic cantilevering principle which allows for the height of the top to be very easily adjusted along a simple wooden post. Without any mechanical connection, the top relies just on its weight to stay at any position along the post. It can also work on its own as a tray when not placed on the base.
Contribution was exhibition organised by Galerie Mica. Each designer was asked to design a flag which represented the idea of 'contribution'; the flags were displayed at Les Halles Centrales, south of La Vilaine, France.
Stamp Cutlery, Italesse
A nomadic set of cutlery, lightweight and easy to carry for use both indoors and outdoors.
V&A Chairs

A new series of chairs to along with the V&A I designed earlier this year for the event One Part Chef Four Parts Design taking place at Somerset House for this second edition.

M trestle table

Continuing the exploration of new structures and material combinations, the M trestle proposes a new solution for a foldable trestle table that can be arranged in various ways or fold flat for storage when not in use.

Mr. light junior
The new members of the Mr. light family are two junior ones.
5° family by Nils Holger Moormann
A three-legged family called 5°. Trestles, high and low stool. The family has a third leg to stand on. If this leg is in place, a narrow seat is created. The two trestles easily support a tabletop, which can be used on both sides.
V&A table and benches
A four meter long table made for the first event of the One part chef/ Four part design series that took place at the V&A in February 2010.
Offcut Monsters
OKAYstudio has been commissioned by the Design Museum to design and make the centre pieces for the Designs of the Year Award ceremony dinner.
Mr. Lights Series
Mr.1, Mr.2 and Mr.3 are the first three of a series of lights designed around the new LED T8 tube light bulbs.
POND table
A side table or coffee table that can greatly change configuration and size by using a very simple mechanism.
Élévation sur table
An exploration around a traditional table setting that aims to find a new language by rearranging its elements and by adding subtle changes to other ways very familiar pieces.
No. 7 (nube) chair
A chair made using traditional steam bent wood techniques with a not so traditional look. Taking inspiration from the classic Thonet chairs the No.7 chair reinterprets the traditional bent wood aesthetic.
Bread light
Invited to create 12 unique table centers for the Designs of Year exhibition awards ceremony at the Design Museum London.
5° table
Borrowing from the aesthetics of the 5 degree stool, a temporary seating device reduced to the minimum expression, the 5 degree table is an obvious evolution into a temporary (or not so temporary) trestle table.
5° stool
A stool reduced to its minimum expression. As temporary seating devices, long term comfort is not usually a mayor priority in the design of stools.
Whitechapel table & benches
This design was created for a one evening event in which I was invited to participate at the Whitechapel gallery in London.
Ventiquattro food bag
Having the right utensils is essential for enjoying high quality ingredients.
A modular system designed to create a support structure to grow climbing plants in an indoor environment.
A modular bedroom clothes hanger; Between the cupboard and the floor.