Invited to create 12 unique table centers for the Designs of Year exhibition awards ceremony at the Design Museum London, OKAY studio and friends decided that the guests could benefit from a little light hearted dinner time foolishness. Each table center plays or encourages the guests to play with their food (hurling it across the room at the other guests, piling it up in the middle of the table, wearing it on their heads…). The 12 of a kind table centers reflect a playfulness with typologies that is at the same time both familiar yet unexpected.

With this piece is the food itself that takes the role on playing. Using a standard ‘Empanada’ (traditional Spanish pie) bread recipe the almost impossible iconographic shape of an angle poise lamp was created. The light does work as well!

Date -
January 2008

Materials -

electric cable
low voltage light bulb

Links -

Design Museum London
Designs of the Year Award

Bread light
Bread light
Bread light