We were invited by Stefan Diez to design a concept room for Domotex 2013 in collaboration with German laminate floor manufacturer Classen.

Our concept for the room focuses on putting emphasis on the hyper-realistic look and feel of Classen’s collection of laminate floor boards. So realistic in fact are these in terms of wood grain, sizing and edge finishing, that we felt we would be able to make furniture with them. We proposed to use Classen’s floorboards to build an outdoor scenario comprising of a small treehouse, or jägerstand, a table and a bench. All of these would are build using basic wood construction techniques in combination with Classen’s own Megaloc system.

To further emphasise the effect of boards, we developed a hard rubber extrusion that allows us to join two floorboards opposite each other with a final thickness of 25mm, which imitates real wooden boards.

In contrast with this, for the floor was created with a low-tech printing roller tool that allows to “print” the wood boards pattern directly onto the surface. The “fake” ultra realistic floorboards become furniture and a cabin while the floor is just a “fake” print of real wood.

The play between the perception of real and fake as well as the shift from 2D to 3D and back to 2D and the implantation of Classen's own Megaloc system to build the structures communicates the quality of the product.

Date -
January 2013

Client -


Location -

Hannover, Germany

Materials -

rubber extrusion
steel tube

Photography -

Julian Baumann

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Stefan Diez