MA is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as “gap”, “space”, “pause” or “the space in between two structural parts”.

Negative space is the main element revealed by the minimal structure of the pieces, which also allows them to fit within each other when not used or for transport.

MA is a collection of stool, bench and table/bar for informal seating and socialising.

Table : 1100 (W) x 180 (D) x 680 (H) mm,
Bench : 990 (W) x 180 (D) x 450 (H) mm,
Stool : 440 (W) x 180 (D) x 400 (H) mm

Date -
January 2014

Producer -

Ishinomaki Laboratory

Materials -

Red cedar

Photography -

Ishinomaki Laboratory

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MA series
MA series
MA series