Once again OKAYstudio has been comissioned by the Design Museum to design and make the centre pieces for the Designs of the Year Award ceremony dinner. After having had lots of fun playing with food for last year's commision, this time around we decided to put some of the may bits and pieces laying aourd in the studio to good use to create the Offcut Monsters.

Rising from the bowels of the Okay Studio workshop dustbins come the ‘Offcut Monsters’. Each unique piece is created from the rotting fruits of two years worth of workshop labour and toil, handcrafted in the vision of the members of the North London based collective of designers. Close inspection of these characterful table centres will yield an individual portrait of each of the designers at the studio - through waste comes beauty!

Date -
January 2009

Materials -

steel tube

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Design Museum London
Designs of the Year Award

Offcut Monsters
Offcut Monsters