Asked to envisage life on some other planet other than Earth; A collection Tools are objects we considered relevent to take with us on our journey. Commisioned by IN Residence for Another Terra Exhibition, Milan 2012.

Leaving Earth behind for a new planet will be a milestone for the human race; to develop as a species we must take with us our collective understanding and knowledge, leaving behind our past mistakes and corruptions. The wealth of tools and understanding we have accrued over thousands of years will help us create a new world, where society appreciates and maintains the material world that surrounds them.

The box contains a selection of hand tools that will allow humans to erect a world of value, creating useful and necessary artefacts that will benefit human kind. Learning the skills necessary to use and care for each tool will restore the connection between making and using; an appreciation of the material world will lead to less ephemera and more value within the new society. With the assumption that Kepler-22b is biologically similar to earth, we have included hand tools for cutting and shaping wood. We hope that this collection will enable the inhabitants of 22b to benefit mankind positively, by adopting the ideals of the craftsperson who takes pride in his work and appreciates the material world that surrounds him.

Date -
April 2012

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Photography -

Thomas Brown

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IN Residence

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Making Tools