This design was created for a one evening event in which I was invited to participate at the Whitechapel gallery in London.

The aim was to create an space inside the gallery in which people could sit and chat, but giving it a feeling of being outside, something like sitting in an indoor veranda. For that I used the home greenroom project and build this table and benches.

Based on the proportions of traditional patio furniture used in family gatherings in Spain this design balances a language of improvisation with that of carefully studied proportions and structure.

It had to be designed to be build at the event using standard of-the-shelf materials and as little of it as possible. The tops for both, the table and the benches, where cut from a single sheet of plywood and all the pieces for the leg structure where cut from standard 2x1 wood using the same angle to save time on the table saw.

Date -
September 2007

Materials -

birch plywood

Links -

Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel table & benches
Whitechapel table & benches
Whitechapel table & benches
Whitechapel table & benches